F-ONE BANDIT XV 12M (Demo Set)

F-ONE BANDIT XV 12M (Demo Set)



Size: 12M



15 years after the birth of the first BANDIT, the F-ONE design team has once again put an astounding amount of work to create the best kiting experience for all riders.
Jump higher, perform your favourite tricks at ease, improve your ride.
The connection between the rider and the kite has never felt so natural.


Impressive stability no matter the conditions
Absolute control at all time
Amazing responsiveness for epic sensations
Precision flying with an excellent range and efficiency
Improved boost, hangtime and kiteloops
Effortless upwind abilities


    The BANDIT is incredibly stable in the air, no matter what the wind is doing. Its fantastic control allows you to perform to a high level in all areas. The kite translates gusts into forward pull.

    Improve your big air moves with the new BANDIT. The kite loop is quicker this year with a tighter turning radius allowing you to dial in as much or as little intensity as you might want. You get a total support from your kite, therefore the landings are softer as you get that extra lift before you land.

    The impressive instant steering response offers precision flying with the best balance between ease of input and feedback impulses from the kite. This results into a very linear feel with zero stalling. Experience the fabulous BANDIT feeling of the steering and the sheeting working so beautifully together.

    The BANDIT XV offers improved hangtime, pure jump height and vertical boost. It requires less skills and efforts to load the kite before sending it.

    Going upwind is easy and comfortable, it will charge you back upwind after trying new tricks and big jumps!

    Thanks to its legendary Delta C-Shape, the only still patented kite design, the kite offers incomparable bar feeling, the best relaunching ability and exceptional stability.

    The leading edge has been redesigned with one more segment and a new diameter for optimum manoeuvrability and stability.

    The new double vertical panel around the trailing edge, the double canopy trailing edge and the lighter Dacron between S1 and S2 offer the sleekest profile for the most stable flight.

    Reinforcement and the construction overall has been improved to gain even more control.

    Most Wanted for 15 years and still running, the BANDIT never fails to impress.