NEW Rocket Wing-S 4'8 - 42L

NEW Rocket Wing-S 4'8 - 42L


142 x 53,5 x 9,9 cm

4’8 x 21″ x 3.9″




Always aiming to stay ahead of the curve, the F-ONE team unveils the ROCKET WING-S, its newest, most impressive, and superior wing foil board to date. For all of you who have experienced the thrills of the sport and want to continue improving, these boards will evidently take you to the next level. Gaining speed, reactivity and maneuverability, the ROCKET WING-S will lead to unmatched sensations.

  • Deep concave deck to lower center of gravity for excellent board control
  • Domed front deck to add volume for easy water starts
  • Compact outline on tail and nose for fantastic maneuverability
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